bathing a cat

Bathing Your Cat

When you need to bathe your cat, take time to gather your supplies and set up the area around the tub. Be sure your cat is comfortable during the bath (most of the time, they don't like baths), and don’t be afraid to seek professional help if you need it.

Cleaning Your Cat’s Ears

It is important to keep your cat’s ears clean to prevent infection and the spread of mites and other pests. You can clean your cat’s ears with simple cleansers made especially for cats. Simply wipe your cat’s ears with the cleanser to keep out harmful dirt and bacteria.

cleaning your cat's ears
brushing your cat's hair

All cats need to be brushed regularly. Using the right brush makes grooming a positive experience for your cat and for yourself, which is sometimes hard to come by when it comes to cat grooming. A well brushed cat has fewer problems with mats, dirt and shedding.

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